Van Belzen:
the #1 address for North Sea shrimp

Fresh shrimp, every single day
In order to supply top quality shrimp every day, Van Belzen uses an efficient and goal-oriented process of catching, sorting, packaging and transportation. This website will tell you everything about our product, our methods and our goal: supplying the highest achievable quality and offering the best customer service imaginable. The fact we sell our shrimp under the beautiful brand of ‘Zeelandia’s garnalen’ makes everything even better! We consider it something to be proud of.

Shrimp processing
Before our shrimp are traded, they go through an extensive cleaning, selection, sorting and packaging process. The Van Belzen peeled North Sea shrimp are also preserved. Van Belzen treats its product – top quality shrimp – with care. The modern Van Belzen factory has all the machines and facilities required to do this the best way possible. The constant quality assurance guarantee a high-quality product.

The best fresh North Sea shrimp for retail and wholesale

The peeled and unpeeled North Sea shrimp of Van Belzen is traded under the ‘Zeelandia’ brand name. These quality products mainly find their way to the consumer through retail and wholesale. Van Belzen from Arnemuiden has built up a broad and stable network within these industries in Europe. Two things are at the core of their daily trade: top quality and customer friendliness.

Preperation and processing of shrimps

Before our shrimps are traded they undergo an intensive sorting and treatment process.

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