The best shrimp, day after day: Van Belzen from Arnemuiden

In order to provide the best quality fresh North Sea shrimp every day, Van Belzen has set up an efficient and effective fishing, sorting, packaging, and transport process.

Our shrimp fishermen know what we expect: the best quality
We purchase ‘our’ shrimp from fixed skippers via the exits of Den Oever, Zoutkamp, Lauwersoog, Colijnsplaat, and Harlingen. In total, approximately 400 vessels fish for shrimp on the North Sea. A strictly selected part of that fleet sails and fishes under contract for Van Belzen. Another portion comes from our company Poseidon in Havneby in Denmark.

Our purchasers are very experienced in shrimp purchasing (some more than 35 years) and buy based on quality rather than on volume. And that is their mission: they know the vessels and know exactly which skippers guarantee proper handling of the product. We are in the comfortable position of being able to choose to deliver top quality.

For our ships in Denmark, we have set up a quality and bonus system based on points: the more points a load receives, the more the skipper is paid. This results in the desired result for all parties. At the exit in Harlingen, we also have employees who monitor our quality. We offer good skippers good prices and select based on quality there. This way, we are always sure of supplying the best product quality.

The caught shrimp are cooked on board of the ships immediately after catching. This process takes place through modern and advanced equipment. After cooking, the shrimp are stored in coolers.

Input to Arnemuiden, output to Morocco

Virtually all shrimp from Denmark, Harlingen, Lauwersoog, and Colijnsplaat are processed at Van Belzen in Arnemuiden. A large portion is prepared for transport to our peeling facility in Morocco, and another portion is processed without peeling.

The high season for shrimp runs from early August to December. In the months of January, February, and part of March, the catch declines and the vessels go into maintenance. From April through June, catch increases again, and by July, many ships are go into maintenance again for the holiday period.


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