Passion and enthusiasm

Van Belzen bv is a family business and, as you often see with family businesses, the de Koeijer family’s company stands for more than just profits: it is a way of life. The passion and enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs is clearly reflected by the service and quality that characterises these companies. Van Belzen is no different. That is why there is a piece of company history on this website whereby the entrepreneurial family realises that everything is about the future.

De beginning

Van Belzen ‘Zeelandia´s Garnalen’ from Arnemuiden was founded in 1935 by J Van Belzen. The current owner, Cees de Koeijer, worked for a periwinkle processing company in Westkapelle before he started working at Van Belzen. After some time, he became co-owner of Van Belzen. With its Zeelandia shrimp, Van Belzen BV is becoming a staple in the world of North Sea shrimp.

Cees de Koeijer starts at Van Belzen BV

In the late seventies, Cees de Koeijer started working in the shrimp trade at Van Belzen in Arnemuiden. Cees trades North Sea shrimp with a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment. In addition to the activities in Zeeland, Van Belzen maintains a fleet of 15 ships for catching shrimp in Denmark.

However, in ’84 and ’85, virtually no shrimp were being caught in Danish waters. Plenty of mussels were present, though, so Cees de Koeijer proposed switching to catching mussels and selling these to the mussel companies located in Yerseke. After all, the amount of mussels in the waters of Zeeland was very low in those years. The sale of Danish mussels in Yerseke quickly became very successful. Van Belzen and De Koeijer are enthusiastic about the interest in their mussels. At the same time, they realise this interest will fade when more mussels become available in the waters of Zeeland again.

In 1986, Triton Yerseke BV was sold and soon after, Cees de Koeijer took charge of this mussel trade. His companion Van Belzen led the shrimp trade in Arnemuiden.

The future

The companies of Van Belzen BV with the brand ‘Zeelandia´s Garnalen’ and Mosselhandel Triton BV are now fully owned by family C. De Koeijer.
Succession has already been assured thanks to the 3 children currently working in the company.

The red thread

Family businesses tend to be special companies. Its people often put their heart and soul into improving and optimising products, the services, and the companies themselves. This is no different at Van Belzen and Triton, which focus on two things in their daily trade: top quality and customer friendliness. Those two words form the red thread that runs through the business operations and allows the family to build toward the future.


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